When it's time for a new roof you need experienced professionals to step in and handle the job. From new installations to roof repairs, our team at Rodriguez Roofing, in China Grove, NC, have more than 30 years’ experience to lend to your need.

Our hand nailing techniques ensure that each one of your shingles are properly fastened and won’t fall victim to slipping through the gaps in your sheathing. The precision we offer with this method is recommended for its reliability and safety. These type of roof installations will provide certainty that your roof is protected against extreme wind and other elements.

We’ll always use the shingles that are perfect for our hand nailing technique. We wouldn’t offer this service unless we knew it would work, which is why we go above and beyond to guarantee that your roof will last for years when we use this method. We’ll even help you find the shingles that match the aesthetics of your home so you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Metal roofing is another option we offer for a great price. 

Our roof repairs are aimed at sparing you from having to get a full replacement. Each repair we perform is done with extreme attention to detail and precision. Before we even start the job, we provide a free estimate. This estimate gives you a baseline of what to expect with our services. 

Contact our team today and we know you won’t be disappointed in the high quality work we offer. Call today to speak with one of our roofing contractors about how to schedule an appointment.  

bare roof on house new brown and tan roof on house


  • Tear-offs

  • New roofs

  • Leak patching

  • Rubber roofs

  • Copper work

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